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Nevada Asbestos Prevention Tips & GREEN Options for Homeowners

Located in the western region of the United States, Nevada is known for its natural parks, lakes, canyons, casinos, and scenery. What home buyer would not want to call this state their home? The road to owning a home is a wonderful experience, but requires new responsibilities. Homes that are newly purchased may require additional remodeling or repairs. Having the assistance of an honest and reliable real estate agent can make all the difference in the world.

Potential Nevada home buyers or those seeking to remodel homes built before 1980 should be aware that asbestos materials may still be present. This should not make you jump out of your chair because asbestos exposure can be easily prevented by taking simple precautions. Citizens of this great state are striving to move to a green lifestyle by advocating environmentally sustainable methods to be used throughout the state.


In most situations, any suspected asbestos should be left un-disturbed. Sometimes the best action is no action at all. When asbestos materials become disturbed, broken down or friable, this is when it becomes a concern, as fibers can become airborne and presents a high risk for anyone in the area.

The inhalation of its fibers can cause a rare lung-ailment known as
mesothelioma, which accounts for three percent of cancer diagnoses in the United States. The amount of asbestos-related incidents in the last few decades has lead to asbestos lawyer firms advocating victim rights around the U.S. The negligence involved with the asbestos scandal has been one of greed and dishonesty. Manufacturers of asbestos were aware of its toxic qualities, but repressed this information from the public.

The general rule of thumb is if the asbestos is in good shape, it's posing no apparent risk. If it's in bad shape, it could be a problem. If a home inspector suggests removal is necessary, it must be performed by a licensed abatement contractor who is trained in handling hazardous materials. At the present time, there is a growing list of green insulation alternatives which replace the need for asbestos.

Green Alternatives in the home

Combining tough research and political advocacy, Environment Nevada is a citizen run environmental organization seeking to produce real changes in tackling all of the state’s eco problems. Each and every human being would like clean air to breathe and crisp water to drink. It takes a lot of effort and political advocacy to achieve this on a macro level. That is what groups such as Environment Nevada focus exclusively on.

Recently, congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law. Included in this act were extensions to the tax incentives placed for energy efficiency in 2005, as well as new credits for homeowners who remodel or build using eco-sustainable methods. Some of the measures that are eligible for tax credits include added insulation to walls, ceilings, or other part of the building envelope that meets the 2009 IECC specifications, sealing cracks in the building shell and ducts to reduce heat loss. Storm doors paired with U-factored rated wood doors are also eligible.

The use of recycled building materials such as cotton fiber insulation can reduce energy use by 25 percent. The implementation of eco-construction, alternative energy solutions and energy reduction solutions has continued to play an important role in the transformation to a healthier and sustainable world.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday I Experienced the "Rest Of the Story". Sharing Their New Home With Their Family and Friends!

Saturday I Experienced the "Rest Of the Story". Sharing Their New Home With Their Family and Friends!

Friday I posted a blog about the joy of getting a tough loan approved for a deserving couple, The Toughest of the Toughest Loan Just Got Approved! These Kids Are Buying Their Dream Home!

Saturday I experienced the "Rest Of the Story".

This Saturday in Carson Valley was special, it's "Carson Valley Days" ... a 99 year old tradition of celebrating our wonderful Carson Valley Life! We started with the Carson Valley Day's Parade. After that, amid the confusion of taking apart the Douglas Pop Warner Float, I met with my young home buyers to open the house and let them share their future new home with their extended family and friends!

What a wonderful joy to watch them show their parents, aunts, uncles, children and friends the home they will soon be moving into!

There are many wonderful opportunities available in Carson Valley for First Time Buyers!
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Short Sale Update … Are They Working … Worth It?

The Short Sale has gone from something that few practitioners had ever heard of to a commonly used real estate term. When they first became popular they were nearly impossible to implement. Lenders were so hard to work with that most Short Sale efforts were for naught. Things have changed considerably to a point where they are feasible though not for the faint of heart.

The Seller must provide substantial information to prove need including a Hardship Letter, Financial Statement, bank statements, paycheck stubs, tax returns, etc. The Lender wants to know what changed the borrower’s repayment ability, and if there are other assets that could be used to repay, i.e.- cash, stock holdings, other real property assets. This takes work, but is required and worth it.

We’ve learned a lot in the past eighteen months about doing Short Sales. It used to be frustrating when the lender would say that we weren’t authorized to talk to them even though we had submitted the correct paperwork. It was frustrating when they said they had not received our FAX transmission of the documents. This was common, and done repeatedly – we would send each package, all 60-plus pages, three times. It didn’t matter who the lender was, this is what the agent encountered. We now know that they are taught how to get agents off the phone as quickly as possible and those were two of their best techniques. With this knowledge we know to stay the course on the phone, ask for a supervisor and ultimately they will find everything to be in order and we can proceed with the business that needs to be done. It is one way that agents have achieved a higher level of success in implementing Short Sales.

There are scavengers hovering over distressed property owners so be careful who you agree to work with and what services you agree to pay for. There are those that are trying to tie your property up with an option at a low price while they try to flip it in a double escrow. No, it isn’t legal, but it is a predatory practice that is presently occurring. Other services are being offered with the understanding that the lender will pay for them. The problem is that the lender won’t pay for them and the already cash-strapped Seller has to pay. Yet another scammer offered to tell the Seller how to cure her loan that was in default for $5,000. She paid – the advice, “Pay your loan current.” True story.

Our advice: Sellers can realize great benefits and Buyers can get a very good price with a Short Sale transaction if you stick it out and allow it to work. Make sure the Listing agent is Short Sale savvy. Short Sales have become an area of special expertise just like dealing with industrial properties or ranch properties. Realtors aren’t to work outside of their area of knowledge and we believe the Short Sale has become an area that the inexperienced shouldn’t indulge without a mentor. Allow enough time, and be patient. There are significant steps to each SS transaction that you want to look for to assure progress: a. The package was received. b. The BPO was received, c. A negotiator has been assigned. d. A decision to accept or Counter is reached. Short Sales are closing much to the benefit of Buyers, Sellers and Lenders.

The latest lender technique we’ve encountered – telling us the Mortgage Insurance company requires them to get a specific minimum amount on their loan. The problem it’s a second and there is no PMI. The first won’t pay more and they will be wiped out if they don’t take the payment the first authorized. They continue to play these games to get more money. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs …
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