Friday, August 10, 2012

Northern Nevada Real Estate Deals … Have You Missed Them?

Northern Nevada Real Estate Deals … Have You Missed Them?  With the strong sales numbers year to date resulting in fewer homes for sale in Northern Nevada we are being asked on a regular basis “Have we missed them?”, “Have we missed the good deals?” Many home buyers wonder if prices are bouncing up and their opportunity to make an incredible buy has passed? 

So, as a Northern Nevada Home buyer … Have you missed them?

Many Northern Nevada Home Buyers have been waiting for the current housing market to bottom out, while others have been getting their personal circumstances arranged so they can move forward with their purchase.  For quite a while now we’ve advised those timing the market to buy and enjoy their purchase.  There are great homes at good prices being put up for sale every day.  The main difference is that now you have competition as a buyer in this market.

Gone are the days of offering 20% below the asking price.  Sellers know that the market has solidified and they don’t need to discount that much. 

Home prices in Northern Nevada have stabilized in most market segments, and are increasing in some areas. The days of Limbo Offers … “How Low Can You Go?” … being accepted in a panic, banks pricing low to stay ahead of the market driving the market down as the market tumbles, are gone.

To make the great buy today you must be ready with your financing, your wants/needs, and understand that when the right home becomes available you and your Agent need to act immediately. 

You can still get the great buy if you are poised and ready.  You won’t have as many homes to select from, won’t be the only one offering, and you may have to adjust a want or a need, but you can do it.  The process might take longer, but your time will be spent.

Be patient and diligent.  The reward is worth it to you and your family when you find the right home at the right price.  You will have a better purchase because of your commitment to the transaction. 

Our Advice:  Just as Sellers that didn’t sell in 2005 didn’t realize the cash value of their home at that time, Buyers that aren’t buying now shouldn’t lament what they don’t get by not acting in a timely manner.  You can enjoy what you can get and rejoice as the market continues to recover and you realize the great buy that you made by acting.  Remember, 
the art is to make the great buy on the right home for you.  It’s a great time for both Buyers and Sellers.

Beyond getting a great price … Remember when you’re buying your Primary Residence you are Buying Your Home!  Make sure you get what you want for you and your family!

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