Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We’ve been waiting to sell … when should we list our home?

We’ve been waiting to sell … when should we list our home?

It’s certainly been an interesting market so far this winter, and you’ve picked an optimum time to ask your question. The recent extended cold hasn’t slowed our market as much as the incessant snows and rains did last winter, but other factors certainly have been at play… until now.

This is the time of year when many home owners think of listing their home for sale “in the Spring”. In a “normal” market such thinking is often an agent recommendation. These times are different. A large contributing factor in the reduction of values in the local market was the huge number of homes offered for sale after the market started turning The glut on the market fueled value reductions because of the vast competition. Now that most of the “must sell” properties have been sold, the market has stabilized. Many Sellers have been holding off so as to not be caught in the frenzied attempts to sell that we witnessed a few months ago, but their desire to sell has not diminished.

The market may be brisk now, but it still takes longer to prepare your home for market and to get it sold than it did a couple of years ago when Buyers were buying properties “as is”. Now your home must be in good condition and quite presentable to prospective Buyers just to be in basic market condition. Buyers are generally overwhelmed these days by the number of homes they can look at… as are their agents. Only the best properties are being shown and purchased.

Our Advice: When the Spring wave of listings hits it well could be a Tsunami due to the pent up supply. To get as much separation in the market as possible it is highly recommended that you get a jump on the market – take action now. If you have any thoughts of selling you should call your agent for a consultation on your home, its condition, the timing for the demographic buyer-types for your home, existing and anticipated market competition for your home, and what results you can expect with a proper marketing program. Don’t rely on what you are exposed to in the media, what you hear in your travels, or the illusions created in real estate advertising. Your agents will help you determine where you, your property, your circumstances, and your wants and needs stack up in the market. Some home owners will be advised to wait to list, others should be on the market immediately. Take positive steps to control your own destiny. Don’t get tossed around by market conditions that you don’t have to be affected by.

This exhilarating market requires expertise, compassion and hard work. Your agents can help you with the perspective of your circumstances that you need to make a good decision. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs… Experience is Priceless!

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