Monday, March 12, 2007

We waited for hours for the agent to show!

We waited for hours for the agent to show … is this normal?

It is highly unusual in these high tech times. Agents set up schedules when they show homes that take into consideration many things: day sleeper, dogs have to be vacated during showings, distances between neighborhoods, etc. Despite their conscientious efforts to make a schedule that works efficiently and places them at each home in a timely manner, things come up. Some Buyers will look at a home for five minutes while others may take a half hour, or more if they really like it.

Agents will usually ask for a range of time during which to show your home. The range will vary according the size of homes being shown – it is much harder to calculate showing time of a 3,500 square foot home with accessory buildings than it is a 1,400 square foot home. Its just harder to absorb all the details of the larger property, and people vary in how they process the viewing data. Most agents will request an arrival time bracket of 15 – 45 minutes. If an agent asks for a 5 hour window feel free to ask why the extreme time variable. Agents aren’t utility company installers – they should have a pretty good idea of where they will be and when they will be there.

Occasionally, there will be traffic delays, or the buyers arrive late to the office and the whole tour is thrown off. When Buyers find “the” home, they tend to linger, place furniture, and visualize themselves occupying the residence. You hope that the “lingered” property is yours, but if not your showing appointment could be affected. Ideally then, they linger at one home, and lounge at yours.

When your house is presented by an agent it should be left as they found it unless otherwise instructed. If they open curtains for light…they should close them. When leaving: lights; doors – locked/unlocked; pets – in/out, etc., should all be left as found. As simple standard of practice that some seem to be forgetting. You shouldn’t tolerate such ineptness and inconsideration.

Our Advice: Be flexible, within reason. If you have a dinner party you certainly don’t want the agent to arrive two hours late … greeting your guests as they arrive contemporaneously. Most agents have cell phones and will call, or text, if their tour is getting out of control. They will usually call your agent, or your agent’s office to advise them of their dilemma. Make the best out of such situations - its life. Be concerned about absurd time requests at the outset, not something that is the result of extenuating circumstances. You should and can expect common courtesy when your home is for sale.

If an agent has been in your home you should find their business card disclosing their presence. This basic common courtesy has been lacking for some reason of late, but there is no excuse for it. Insist that agents leave their cards when showing your house to Buyers, inspectors or appraisers … demand it! They should know better than to leave you wondering if they were there … or worse, who was there.

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