Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Growth Control Douglas County

You have never written about Growth Control in Douglas County … why?

We do not write a political column and it is our belief that the Growth Control matter as it has been rabidly contested locally is a battle of propagandists engaged in a political dispute. We are, however, long time members of this community, active professionals in a profession with direct knowledge of the matter, and are now compelled to comment … professionally, not politically.

Central to the core of the matter is the subject of private property rights. It is a fundamental right of every property owner, the protection of which every Realtor commits to when getting their “R”. Private Property rights must not be trampled by mass hysteria which would be no different than burning people in the town square for witchcraft because of public demand. A real threat to natural resources, or matters related to the community safety/well-being can impact individual private property rights for the public good. Studies supporting or denigrating positions in the local debate have been completed, and we suggest that you look for yourself at what the truth is, not rely on the “sound bite” headlines the proponents and opponents put forth with regularity. Dismissing science with arbitrary unfounded comments to effect a desired political result is not only immoral, it is unfair to the public using that speaker as a reliable source.

The real overall ramifications of growth restrictions should be detailed and understood by all. Unfortunately, locally the financial impact is not widely known, and when the reality hits a few years from now, there will be an outcry. The outcry should be now to prevent the intervening pain. Look at the numbers, folks. Ask your public officials what the fiscal reality is. The information is coming in dribs and drabs, but a complete financial impact analysis is not available. If it is not available then how can a law making decision be made without it? If it is, then why isn’t it available to the public? Ask for it – it is an important part of the process.

Many are is tired of the matter, but that is not a reason to rush to law. When the County tired of the Master Plan process in 1996 it was rushed to completion. One of the unresolved matters tagged on to finish a long, expensive, controversial project was the Growth component- the same Growth component that is now treated as if it were etched in stone. Some of our Commissioners are tired of this Growth matter, but they shouldn’t rush bad law just to get it off of their agenda. It will continue to rear its ugly head for years to come if they don’t take the time to craft a legal, moral, ethical, and practical law for controlled growth today.

Our Advice: If you are making law regarding real property, it makes sense that one would consult the real estate industry – builders, Realtors, bankers, engineers, developers, etc. There has been a concerted effort to stigmatize these professionals rather than listen to their wisdom and experience. It is time to stop all that, look at what the community really wants to accomplish, and make a plan that really works for everybody – fiscally, aesthetically, and legally. Now is the time to get involved – it’s the fourth quarter and your input is needed for the future of our community. Whether you are pro-growth, anti-growth, or want smart growth – email the Commissioners right away to ask them to do the right thing according to your view. Get your voice known to help them make the right decision. Email the Commissioners at

Our wonderful community must work together on this, not rely on a few impassioned individuals to carry their respective torches. Let’s take the time needed and work together so everybody wins … for the long term. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs… Experience is Priceless! Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates,, 775-781- 5472

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for standing up for the other side of the story! Someone is going to have to pay the freight for this boondogle, won't it be interesting when the tax payers discover it's going to be them?