Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Making your home stand out in today's competative market.

We really have to sell … how can we stand out from the other homes?

It is important for Sellers to realize that Buyers have many options in today’s market. They are well informed, have access to a lot of information via the Internet, and are making wise decisions. Assuming that you are priced right, a must in today’s market, there are other things you and your agent can do to attract a Buyer’s attention. We think it is vital that you do them for your own success.

Start by looking at your home from the street. Is your landscaping up to snuff? Are the weeds pulled, lawn edged, street gutters clean? This is your Buyer’s first impression and it will set the tone for them to look at the interior. Put your Buyer hat on – what does it look like? Is it inviting? Are there cobwebs on the lights and eves? Clean them off!

As you enter your home what does it look and smell like? Is it inviting to the new viewer? Do they have to step over things to meander through the house? Is your dog barking incessantly at them … or worse? It is important that a Buyer enjoy looking at the environment and visualizing themselves living there. With that in mind – can they see the walls or is every inch covered with pictures? Is your dirty laundry contained, or is it in a pile in the corner waiting for Saturday morning? There is a difference between “living in” your house, and having your house “market ready”. That difference is important in today’s market and those that go the extra mile … agents and Sellers … will get separation in the market and stand a much better chance of selling in a timely manner.

Our Advice: Recognize that everyone has to work harder in today’s market. The agents are working harder, but many Sellers haven‘t accepted their responsibilities for getting their home sold. It is imperative that you do the many little things that will enhance your home in a Buyer’s eyes and memory. Work to sell your home and enjoy the fruits of your labor at the close of escrow. You can help to control your own destiny – positive or otherwise. Get rid of the clutter, clean everything … often, and make sure your home is readily accessible for showings. You have plenty of time for privacy in your new home – welcome a showing when it comes your way because many Sellers aren’t getting calls for showings. If you don’t want to make the necessary effort then adjust your price accordingly – buy the luxury of not preparing your home for sale by discounting your price dramatically.

Buyers have a lot of choices today … help them choose your home. Work on it as you would your used car – clean up, wash, polish, show it with pride. If you do that, and are priced right, you can start wrapping the china!

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Anonymous said...

Our Real Estate Broker "Friend" from a neighboring community said our home should sell for much more than the local agent we interviewed though it could be sold for. Who should we listen to? We'd like to sell for the higher amount but we think our "Friend" is a bit too ambitious, maybe he really doesn't understand this market. What do you think?

Jim & Tatiana said...

Making my house appealing to a buyer seems so obvious, but I still need help to see my home through a buyer's eyes. Beyond just clearing clutter, what is the best way to get my house ready to sell?

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine said...


It never hurts to get a second opinion, however, provided you selected a reputable local agent, listen to the local agent's advice.

The best agents usually don't venture into an area they aren't well versed in. The value of a home is really not rocket science, an out of area agent can easily research the comps and determine what a reasonable sales value should be.

Look carefully at the sales and pending sales, not just at listed values. Listings are the competition for sure, however, a property listed to high that doesn't sell and isn't shown by the other agents, is not a valid comparable property.

Ask yourself, is he telling you what he thinks you want to hear? Wishing for a high value in our local market today does not make it so.

Thanks for asking,
Lisa and Jim