Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So Many Stories ... Who Should Buy in This Market?

This market isn't for everybody, however it is a time of opportunity for many. With good credit scores and/or ready cash, it is a good time to buy Carson Valley real estate, Search Carson Valley Real Estate.

So who should buy now? If you are a nervous investor, it's a good time. It's kind of like voting early and not having to listen to the political ads anymore. If you buy a property that you want, you can stop listening to the doom and gloom media bombardment. You can be comfortable with your investment and know that whatever happens, you have it. Unlike stocks that leave you with a certificate when their value diminishes, you will always have your real property. Buy quality at a good price and relax. It may go down before it goes up, but you've made a decision and can get on with your life.

If you are a first time home Buyer, count your blessings that the market has checked. Today's prices are much less than what you would have paid a year or two ago. In fact, you likely would have been priced out of the Carson Valley at that time. Are you going to wait and try to time the market drop, or are you going to buy now and start enjoying the many benefits of home ownership? Remember, you aren't making a one year investment - home ownership should be considered with a longer hold perspective. Consider that in Douglas County 48.9% of the people lived in the same house in 1995 and 2000 - just about half the people didn't move in five years!

If you are looking to move up or down in the market you are really moving "sideways", the homes you are selling and buying are relatively priced. If you are moving up - do it before the prices rise and you will enjoy greater appreciation when they do with the more expensive property. Moving down? Do it before the prices rise and you'll enjoy a lower loan amount and, possibly, rate, for the term of the loan. Don't put your life on hold until "someone" says it is time to act - control your own life and real estate happiness by taking action now. Your buy and sell prices are even in their respective market segment.

If you are a savvy investor, this is a wonderful time to make your intentions known to your agent. Opportunities now appear on a regular basis. If your active agent knows your investment objectives, i.e.- a place for your child(ren), appreciation over five years, change portfolio location, etc., you have a much better chance of successfully achieving them in the next six months, or so. Be ready to act and stay open minded.

Our Advice: If you have a credit score below 720 it is probably in your best interest to work on increasing your score before you buy. If you don't you will likely pay a higher interest rate and could very well get the run around when it comes time to fund your loan. When the market was soaring people looked past these negatives figuring that their anticipated appreciation would offset the higher costs of the loan. Today one can't count on short term appreciation - plan on holding. Get yourself ready to act. When the market turns it will be like a dam breaking and you will have a lot of competition for the quality offerings that you don't have today.

Timing the falling market to catch it at the bottom is like the proverbial "catching a falling knife" ... it is hard to do. If you know you want to live/invest here, and have confidence in the Carson Valley community, then you can buy with confidence ... now. Experience is Priceless! Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, RE/MAX Realty Affiliates, , visit our websites at or call anytime at 775-781-5472.

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