Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is The Real Estate Industry Benefiting From Technology Advances?

It is, and in many areas. We’ve come a long way from the time when we were excited about being able to put our phone handset on a modem and dial up a computer for Multiple Listing Service information. We could even print it out on a thermal printer! Today we can get the MLS information on our cell phones, with much more detail.

How we handle contract documents was first enhanced by the facsimile machine technology, and is now very exciting. We can scan and email, email directly from the generating program, efax, and fax with high speed laser fax machines. Borders and oceans are no longer the cause of inconvenience and delays. Not only can we email the contracts, we have the ability to communicate with clients with phone and even video phone via the Internet. This instant and direct communication is very important in our business, especially in today’s real estate environment of rapid change. The client must be kept apprised of market-affecting factors so they can make their decisions appropriately and in a timely manner.

The marketing side of real estate has been radically changed by technology. From the easy to use yet powerful software programs that allow agents to be “desktop publishers” of their flyers and print-advertising layouts, to the omnipresent Internet – source of information and place for major marketing efforts, the computer is essential to today’s agent. With laptop or cell phone, we can access information from anywhere. We don’t “write” offers on the hood of the car anymore – we break out the laptop and generate professional typed contracts. The miracle of one hour photo shops has been replaced by instant digital cameras. Agents se thee daily, not only for the still photos, but to create Virtual Tours where a Buyer can look at a home from the comfort of their home.

The average Buyer today spends eight hours looking online before they call an agent.
"Click Here for the "All Northern Nevada" MLS Some acquire great knowledge of the property they are looking at before they even come to town, and many check the property and neighborhood out via satellite photos. Buyers are very smart these days – agents need to be technologically smart to keep up and serve them properly.

Our Advice: Your agent can use technology to gather information about your Buyer or Seller that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Such information can have translate to financial gains and time savings for you. Technology is great, but it doesn’t replace a knowledgeable agent. Computers only know things in black and white … real estate has many gray areas. Your agent must work with you to determine what you might not even know yet … what it is you really want/need in your real estate. The combination of a good agent with good technology skills is exciting and will benefit you greatly.

NCR paper (no-carbon-required in case you forgot) was once revolutionary and industry changing. Compared to today’s industry changing devises that is like a bow and arrow versus a light saber.

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I appreciate being able to look at new listings and decide if I want to contact my agent or not.