Thursday, May 8, 2008

We’ve Been on the Market a Long Time … How Do We Stay Sane?

Marketing times have increased for most Sellers in today’s market and it can take a toll on Sellers. We have some tips that will help you keep your sanity while you keep your home in presentable market condition for the showing you are looking for … the one that sells your home.

When the call comes for a showing most Sellers immediate reaction is to “pick up”. Many will pick up every day in anticipation of a showing, and still worry about things being picked up. This anxiety can take its toll. Here’s a simple solution… buy a big plastic tub for each room. When you have a showing, remove the clutter by throwing unattractive essentials in the tub, i.e.- toys, magazines, clothes, etc. This tub system will work especially well for your teen’s room – put the games, clothes, all the loose “teen gear”, etc. in a big tub. Put the tub in the garage and leave it there. If your teen wants it back he can do it himself. This might work well to encourage your teen to keep his room clean if his clutter gets slammed into a tub … no guarantee of successful teen training – only that your home will show better with this system.

We understand that if you take numerous medications it is convenient to have them on the kitchen table, but it is not good for a Buyer to know your medical condition. Put your medicine in a small tub and stow it away in a kitchen cabinet. Smaller tubs work well for bathroom counters, cleaning your bills off the desk, etc. Everything is still organized, but out of sight for a Buyer.

Another way to be prepared for a showing is to keep up with the “land mines” your pets place around the yard. The weather is nice – people will be looking around the outside of your home. If you pick up things regularly, not only will you enjoy your home more, you will not worry about it being show-ready when the call homes. Another aspect to consider as you prepare your home for showing is the positive vibration it puts forth. The more you prepare and anticipate a showing the more likely you will attract one. Keep that thought as you take the extra minute to tidy and clean and you will be empowered and happy in your endeavor. Remember, the law of averages is on your side - the longer you go without a showing the sooner you will have one … if you are priced right.

Our Advice: Every showing is much more important these days. There is a lot of competition and there aren’t ten more Buyers behind the one bad or missed showing you have like there was two years ago. Don’t fret over getting everything perfect – a less than perfect showing is better than not showing your home. If they are ready to buy and can’t see your home they will buy someone else’s. Keep you home market ready, but don’t worry about it being “sterile”. Some homes are so incredibly clean and uncluttered that Buyer’s will comment, “does anybody live here”. Most don’t relate to a home like that as they will to one that is clean & tidy, but lived in.

Extended marketing periods are a reality – make the best of it, however “Tub Living” can be tiresome too after awhile. Tubbing will help your home show better – pricing will help it sell better.
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Thanks for the advice, doesn't make it any easier, but thanks anyway!