Monday, March 9, 2009

Rub A Dub Dub There’s a Goose In Our Tub!

Its never dull in the country. Went out the other morning and one of our Toulouse geese wouldn’t stand up. Just sat there in the mud. She stood up and couldn’t walk so I picked her up and took her in the house to “sick bay”. As she is a rather large bird, and our dogs are very curious, a box just didn’t seem to work. Ended up using the guest bath tub. Set her up with grain, lettuce and water. She was docile and timid … not her normal demeanor.

Our grandson came to visit and seeing her in the tub exclaimed, “she’ll probably lay an egg”. Ha! A sick goose laying an egg in the tub …right. You guessed it – the next morning there was an egg in there … a big goose egg. Nothing like an eight year old to expect the unexpectable.

It has taken a couple of days, but now she’s starting to stand, and even squawk a bit when we aren’t in the room. We’re going to plug the tub and float her in a little bit. It’ll take the load off of her sore leg, and she can get a bath … one of a goose’s most pleasurable pastimes. Happily, it looks like she is recovering nicely and can join her fine feathered friends in a few days.

For our city friends, we call our Toulouse geese “Granny Goose Geese” – now you know what she looks like.

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Mr Mogul said...

Great story!

Right up there with our adopted skunk having twins!