Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning For Living And Selling

Spring is a time of transition, especially in how you live in your home. You’ve been buttoned up all winter, but now you can break out of your “winter cocoon”. Open the windows and let this fresh spring air circulate through your house. Clean out the debris gathered around the your home, inside and out. Flower gardens, ditches, nooks and crannies all seem to be gathering places of “stuff” all winter.

Winter has a way of causing dirt to accumulate in a house. Tracking in mud and snow doesn’t show much at the time, but the potential for damage is realistic. Dirt granules in a carpet that chafe on the fibers will dramatically reduce the life expectancy of your carpet. Even if you don’t see discoloration it’s a good idea to clean them for the maintenance factor. Wood cabinets and furniture can also be affected by winter. The closed up house can cause the wood to dry out excessively - treat each item appropriately.

Spring is also a good time to change your furnace air filter. You’ve been recycling the air in your closed environment all winter, and the filters worked overtime all that while. You will soon be deluged by pollen and other environmental “pollutants” that will readily enter your domain because your home will be open more as you begin sleeping with the windows open, and leaving your windows and sliders open.

Windows … yes, you’ll need to do windows! Clean the fog off and enjoy the clarity of Spring. Can’t get the fog off? You might have a broken seal. This will need to be replaced to sell your home so you might as well fix your broken windows now so your home will show better and build confidence in prospective Buyers. Open your window coverings – you are between summer heat and winter cold insulation needs – let the light in. Clean the blinds and drapes.

The days are getting warmer so be sure to get your watering going. Show the green of your lawn – most Bank Owned properties won’t be able to compete with that. Keep up with your weeds – it is essential for a groomed inviting look. Surely, we have a freeze or two still coming so be careful how soon you add your flowerful colors.

Our Advice: If you are considering selling your home, the above should be considered minimum standards for preparing your home for market. Consider this “Staging 101”, the basic essentials. A Buyer will be naturally put off by driving up to a home with weeds all around it, or trying to look at the beautiful views through a foggy veil. The stale winter air should be moved out and the house generally freshened up in the natural spirit of Spring. You can get good separation in your market from Bank Owned and Short Sale properties by cleaning, freshening, and making your home appealing as a home that a Buyer will relate to and want to live in. Not moving? Do it anyway and enjoy the results!

Have you ever washed your car and fixed the brakes so you could sell it … and wondered why you didn’t do it for yourself? This time is just like that time! Do it and enjoy the results … whatever your ownership future or fate. When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs…
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