Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Skunks and Chickens ... A Lesson in Private Property Rights!

Skunks and Chickens ... A Lesson in Private Property Rights!

Private Property rights are essential to real estate. Included in the bundle of rights is the right to quiet enjo
Skunks and Private Property Rightsyment. Regardless of the size of the property, everyone enjoys this right. We’ve seen occasion, however, where larger parcels of land are mistreated by the public Sometimes its trespassing, other times it is more flagrant.

The other day as we were leaving our house we saw a person stop by the road. We thought nothing of it until we saw in our rear view mirror that she was pulling a cage out of her car. We pulled over and walked back. Her intention was to release a skunk by the irrigation ditch in our front field.

Chickens and Private Property rights in NevadaYes, we live on 10 acres and, yes, it is rural ... people live nearby and so do our chickens and ducks. We explained how the skunk will walk down the ditch to our home in the distance and feast on our birds all winter.

We invoked God’s blessings on her for saving the baby’s life, and her well intended mercy act was taken to another venue saving 15 or so feathered lives, that's how many birds we lost last year to skunks and other predators.

As a Property Owner, your front yard is no different than your kitchen when it comes to your Private Property Rights. It is yours and nobody should use it without your permission whether as a trash receptacle, bedroom to camp in, or just to cut across the corner. Whether you own a condo, 10 acres, or thousands, the Private Property Rights are the same and nobody should have them compromised because of the size of their front yard.

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