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Think Of Selling When Buying A Home

Think Of Selling When Buying A Home (edit/delete)

Think Of Selling When Buying A Home

Think of Selling when you are buying a homeYou’ve negotiated a great price on a home and you’re ready to buy … Stop and Think Of Selling When Buying A Home. It has everything you want right now in a home, but is it a good investment? To be a good investment, it should not only serve your wants and needs well while you live in it, but it should also be something that makes financial sense when you sell. As you find and buy a home you should always think about how you are going to get out of it. Will it be relatively easy to sell when you are ready to sell it?

Regardless of your intended holding period
, it is very important to analyze the saleability of yourLisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine Sold Carson valley Real Estate home before you buy it. Many folks retiring to our area figure they are buying their last home. When the subject of resale comes up they laugh it off as unnecessary. Things ... we call it "Life" ... happen, however, and resale must always be considered regardless of current intentions. Even if you aren’t subject to moving because of employment circumstances any more, there are many other factors that can come in to play, i.e.- health, family, personal interests, etc. that can necessitate an unexpected move.

Buyers today have many buying opportunities, and must be selective. Some ultra low price opportunities are not really the best long term purchase. If a property has location, floor plan, or floodplain problems today, it will still have the same problems when it's time to sell it. The attractive low price relative to the market today will be as low, or lower, when the market gets more competitive. The converse is true. A quality home will always be preferred over inferior properties, and has a better chance for
appreciation, and will sell quicker.

When predicting future saleability there are many things to consider
. Look at the street. Does everybody take care of their property? Is it a neighborhood in transition? Up or down? Are there any physical characteristics of the neighborhood to be concerned about including busy roadways, noise or odor from neighboring business operations, etc.? Are new subdivisions being planned in the community that will compete for future Buyers? Are you going to correct existing deficiencies or make other changes that will affect value during your ownership? If you buy a home with a one car garage, one bathroom, or other similar sale-stifling characteristics you must plan to fix them or your resale will be adversely affected.

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine Sold Carson valley Real EstateOur Advice … Stop and Think Of Selling When Buying A Home!

Always think of selling when you buy a home. If you are getting the deal of the decade on a home there might be a reason. Is it the biggest on the block? Is it functionally or otherwise obsolete? Is something changing in the neighborhood that will decrease, or increase demand, thus value? When selecting a home, make sure you know what’s going on in the neighborhood, how that home compares to the neighborhood, and how the neighborhood fits in to the community overall. With that perspective you can proceed comfortably with confidence. Your agent should help you with this very important assessment as you prepare your offer. It can have a direct impact on the price you offer – up or down.

As you enjoy the euphoria of finding a great home, be sure your agent looks in her crystal ball. In a perfect world you will live in your home in accordance with your intentions, but if something changes it is good to be prepared.

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Mark said...

Great advice for home buyers! I always like to say hope for the best and plan for the worst. Well some day, even if it seems impossible to you today, you might need to sell.

And IF that day comes, then you want to be able to sell quickly IF you need to sell.

Never say never. Because someday, you just might have to sell that dream home you are thinking about buying.