Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It’s Time To Be Thankful.

Being humble and grateful is a beautiful and fulfilling manner of life, and periodically it is good to simply be thankful. It is that time of year when Americans express their thanks with, and through, the holiday of Thanksgiving. In that traditional spirit we are thankful for the opportunity to express our thanks, and, perhaps, some that you can also identify with.

We are very thankful for many, many things including: the continuing favorable interest rates; the assorted Home Retention Programs being developed and the spirit in which they are being formulated; Buyers that are boldly venturing forth and buying with confidence; our fellow real estate practitioners that are continuing to help Buyers and Sellers gain and maintain perspective to navigate in these interesting times; the high standard of the real estate practice in our area; USDA Rural Development 100% loans that provide wonderful opportunities for home Buyers in our community; the opportunity to help people with our real estate knowledge and experience.

We are very thankful for the prevalent Volunteer Spirit found throughout the Carson Valley that results in so many special things; for our friends’ conspiracy to nominate Jim so he received the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce “Unsung Hero of the Year” award; for the generosity of our community towards worthy causes even in trying financial times; for the local business community and their continued efforts to provide goods and services; for our Tiger Family; that we live in a free country; that if we don’t like something about our life we can change it; that if we like something about our life we can keep it; that we have so much to live for.

We are very thankful for this great Valley we live in – the natural beauty and the wonderful people; the wonderful life changing opportunities for our children and families; that the Youth are still and always important in our community; that families are important as is community itself; that Values are respected and a way of life for most; that people still stop to help one another; that in our community people still say hello to strangers with a smile.

Our Advice: Be thankful and grateful for your health, your family, your friends, and your community. Be a shining example of gratitude and be thankful for what is … not resentful for what isn’t. Our wonderful Valley gives us a wonderful quality life to enjoy while the real estate market cycles … as it always has and always will. Enjoy it now… every day… and be thankful for it. These are the good old days… be thankful we can share them together.

Together lets move boldly into the future and continue to generate many things to be thankful for.
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