Monday, December 8, 2008

We Don’t Want To Pack During Christmas … Should We Stop Showings?

Your moving date is a negotiable component of your sale, and can be adjusted according to your Holiday plans … within reason. It is unlikely that a Buyer is going to try to move in before Christmas unless a house is vacant. A contract providing for a 30 day closing will have you moving in mid-January. Work with your agent and the Buyers on an acceptable move-out date. You can close escrow and move out later with the cooperation of your Buyer, or negotiate for a longer escrow. Candid discussions between the parties on “humanity” topics such as this usually result in a reasonable outcome.

If you have the opportunity to sell in this market we highly recommend that you work with your potential Buyer even if it means being inconvenienced. There are Buyers buying in this market, and they are driven by three things – price, price and price. If your home is priced to sell, and you have a serious Buyer, this might be the Christmas that you don’t put up the lights. If your sale is hung up on one item, i.e. the occupancy date, consider the benefits of selling now versus enjoying the perfect Holiday and waiting indefinitely thereafter for another offer. Caveat – it is not a good idea to let your negotiations get down to a single item

regardless of what it is. If the moving date is the only item of contention in an offer that you are negotiating, you must have a great offer. Look at the offer in the context of the whole, not a single item. Keep an overall perspective of your wants and needs when considering the offer.

Buyers will be in the area for the Christmas Season to visit family, ski, or just plain look at houses during their time off from work. If they are looking at houses during their vacation they are usually quite serious about buying. They are taking time from their recreation, or the family members they are visiting, to look at property – that is a good level of commitment. Just the fact that they are looking should reassure you that your time and effort of welcoming them to your home is worthwhile … and it is very much in keeping with the spirit of the season.

Our Advice: Buyers looking at homes this time of year are usually very considerate when entering your festive family atmosphere. Homes rarely look better than this time of year – spruced up, decorated, full of good smells and treats. The energy is positive and the home in its most alluring condition. Welcome Buyers as you would any other friends and family, with a cookie and a smile, and they’ll think better of your home than they will of others that lack the positive emotional impact viewing experience of your home.

Embrace Buyers this time of year. They are investing their Holiday time to find and buy what you have. Show it to them and enjoy the resulting Christmas present…a wonderful offer with terms you love!

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