Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Agent Keeps Telling Me To Reduce My Price … Can’t She Sell Anything?

Your Agent is continually talking to you about lowering your price because the market keeps dropping and your home clearly hasn’t sold. Quit the ostrich act! It isn’t your Agent that is necessitating the downward price adjustment - it takes a willing Buyer and a willing Seller to make market value. When there are many listings and few Buyers, the market value declines … supply and demand. It isn’t your Agent’s lack of selling skills or incompetence (we hope) that are causing your home not to sell if it isn’t priced right for what you are offering.

Agents don’t make the market … but the good ones monitor the variables closely to enable you to stay current in the market such as: interest rates; the economy – local, regional, National… even Global today; the inventory – existing and new product coming on line, the overall Market activity, Buyer demographics; other investment opportunities or vogues; changing area amenities, i.e.- increase in medical services in the community; and many more.

When the market runs up some Agents don’t have their Sellers make adjustments. When the property sells the Seller doesn’t know how much was truly left on the table. When the market drops it is evident to all if a property isn’t priced right – the property sits on the market … and sits…and sits. Properties that are priced right are for the most part selling. The price is up to you, the Seller, and what a Buyer is willing to pay for what you have.

Buyers today want a great buy … your Agent can’t control that. She can tell them how your home stacks up in the Market, but she can’t prevent the “lowball” offer that so offends you. She can tell them why your home is priced so well, but she can’t overcome their “media paralysis”, their fear to act because of what others have told them they should fear. Some are so afraid by what they see and hear that you could give them your home and they’d be afraid of “the catch”.

Our Advice: Your Agent cannot overcome the collective consciousness of our society which today is in such a panic that many people have simply put their lives on hold. She can, however, be realistic, positive, energetic, and attentive to your needs as she approaches her fiduciary duties daily to get your home sold by finding the good smart Buyers that are out there today taking action. Good agents can help you save, or make, money by helping you make good decisions. That can be interpreted for some Sellers as minimizing their ultimate loss. It shouldn’t be a test of wills between you and your Agent – you should be working towards a common goal – selling your home for the best possible price in a reasonable time and protecting you from problems.

Money seems to be ready to flow back to real estate from stocks given the great real estate prices, incredible interest rates, and brilliant future of real estate. As the money flows, prices will gain traction and things will turn around. This is now the peak opportunity for Buyers to make their best buys, and for Sellers to maintain their optimism about their home selling. Enjoy it – these are the Good Old Days! When it comes to choosing professionals to assist you with your real estate needs…
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